Employment programme creates many jobs in village

Kathmandu 11, june – With the start of Prime Minister Employment Programme, a total of 127 youths have been supplied with jobs in Rawabensi Rural Municipality in Khotang district. Under the programme, people underneath the poverty line and unemployed for lengthy or their own family members were selected to help their livelihood.
Chair of the rural municipality, Leela Nath Niraula, stated that each youngsters would receive Rs 517 per day and employment users’ committee has been fashioned to mobilize the youths. “With jobs at home, the locals are elated,” Niraula said.
The young people are requested to assemble the drainage, hold the ward workplaces and fitness posts, paint the faculty buildings, make college gardens etc for the right usage of Rs 2 million budget.
Employment Fund’s Coordinator Kumar Prasad Dahal stated that the employment users’ committee was retaining the facts of these employed teens.
Even in the course of the unfold of coronavirus, the children are running from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm by preserving bodily distance. The rural municipality is also monitoring the performance and development of the given tasks

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