Now you can pay traffic fines from your digital wallet

Kathmandu. Now traffic fines can be paid from digital wallet. The Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General has included electronic payment service providers in the revenue management information system. 

This service will be live in the next few days, said Deputy Comptroller and Auditor General Bhesh Prasad Bhurtel. “According to this online bhaucaramarphata pay traffic fines may be,” he said, “the body systems related revenue compilers or our ephasijio jiobhi dot dot NP going online to be paid.”

Shyam Krishna Adhikari, the spokesperson of the Metropolitan Traffic Police, said that all the necessary work has been completed for the online payment of fines from the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General.

“There is still some work to be done on our traffic side,” he said in an interview with Tekpana. “After completing the rest of the work, this service will be available online from this year.”

The traffic police has also developed software called TVRS (Traffic Violence Record System) for this. Arrangement will be made to deposit the revenue amount of the fine in the government revenue account by including the online payment system of the specified bank. 

The department has already taken the traffic awareness class online . However, there is an obligation to go to the designated bank branch to pay the fine. 

In the next few days, the traffic fines will be paid online and through digital wallet. It is believed to reduce unnecessary congestion and also save time.

The Metropolitan Traffic Police has been conducting awareness classes in the Kathmandu Valley for drivers driving under the influence of alcohol, violating lane discipline and violating traffic rules at red lights.

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