Google Maps also comes with generative AI, making it easier to find places

A new feature of generative AI has been added to Google Maps. Through blog , Google has informed that a new update is available in Maps.

According to Google, Large Language Model (LLMA) has been integrated to make browsing (search) of maps faster and easier. With this, you can search for restaurants, shopping centers, activities and other places or activities that are close to you. Like; When searching for any hotel or restaurant, you can write a restaurant that can take dogs.

Google says that the AI ​​feature in Maps will analyze information such as ratings and reviews to give accurate search results in such conversational languages.

This feature is currently only available to US users. Google said that it will gradually bring this feature to users everywhere.

Earlier, Google had added AI features such as immersive view, AR feature, EV charging station info to the maps .

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