How to avoid such risks when installing APK to run premium app for free?

Android users install apps that suit them or need them from Google’s Play Store. Some smartphone brands have given a separate option to download apps and other services instead of the Google Play Store.

Android users depend on Google Play Store to find the app they want or want. Any creator who has placed an app on playstore must have seen some benefit.

As an exception, some individuals and organizations may have provided the app for free or let’s say selflessly. The developer provides the app to sell the services they have prepared, to give information or for various other purposes.

Popular video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Disney Plus and others are selling their services on a subscription model.

Similarly, for some video editing apps, the creator provides the facility of adding a watermark for free or paying to remove the watermark. The rest of the platforms generate income by placing various types of advertisements.

Some users use premium mode apk i.e. cracked apps to watch premium platform videos without subscription, edit photos or videos without watermark, run apps without ads.

Ke ho premium mod apk ?

Premium Mode Apk is a version of any app that is cracked to unlock premium features and remove ads. Such apps are available on third party platforms instead of official sites.

Also, it is impossible to say who and why crack the app and put it on the internet. Hackers crack the app to provide free service to people who cannot pay the premium service of the app.

Some of them provide the cracked version with the intention of providing the users with the premium features of the app made by others for free, but in exchange for that, they put their own ads. In this way, if an app is cracked and placed on the Internet, there is not much risk in it.

However, with the intention of stealing user data, hacking devices, or spreading viruses or malware, hackers may have prepared Premium Mode APK. Using such apps can lead to many risks.

Risks of using Premium Mode APK

1. Malware

Premium mod apk may contain malware. Malware entering your device is harmful for you. The malware can steal your personal data, install other malicious software or take over the device itself.

2. data breach

Premium Mode APK may also be used to steal your personal data like username, password, credit card number or other data. Such data is used in identity theft or cyber crime.

3. Probability of ban

If you use premium mode apk of any official platform you may get banned by that platform forever.

Especially if such platforms ban us from their official servers, we will never be able to use those platforms from our official accounts in the future. So premium mod apk has such risks, due to which we can get banned from that platform forever.

4. legal trouble

In some cases, using Premium Mode APK is equally likely to get you into legal trouble. Especially if the creator provided it for a fee, but you are using it for free, the risk of getting into legal trouble is high.

In the case of Nepal, the legal problems may not be so much because they often use cracked foreign apps. However, other risks from it remain the same.

If you are using any premium mod apk then it is important to identify its risks and benefits. If you cannot identify whether an app is risky or not, it is wise not to install the app.


Precautions to be taken while using Premium Mode APK

You can take following precautions while using premium mode apk. But there is no guarantee that these methods will be 100% safe.

  • Download APK only from trusted sources. Before downloading, research whether anyone has talked about that platform.
  • Before installing, scan the APK for malware.
  • After installing the APK, do not give unnecessary permissions to the app or be careful what kind of permissions you are giving.
  • Update your device’s security software.
  • Be aware of the risks that come with using Mod APK.

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